Further education  /  22. Juni 2022, 09.00-16.30 h

Online Seminar »Viva Defense - Preparing the disputation«

Finally done! The doctoral thesis has been submitted, now the final task is to master the disputation. The disputation tests how clearly you present your own research performance and how convincingly you can »defend« your results in a discussion with experts.

The seminar aims at preparing you for the thesis defense by honing your presentation skills so that you can argue your points convincingly and think on your feet during the question and answers session. Responding to typical questions which may come up during the defense will also be practiced in simulated scenarios.


  • The Presentation: Using your key results as the focus for your presentation
  • The Presentation: Making it interesting and understandable
  • The Q&A session: Typical questions and how to deal with them
  • The Q&A session: Practice run
  • Presenting and discussing online