Further education  /  06. Oktober 2022, 08.30-13.00 h

Online-Seminar »Time management for doctoral candidates«

Doctoral students have little time. In addition to their research projects, many young scientists are busy with strenuous project work and various teaching activities. In addition, there are private challenges due to family, friends, household and hobbies. This multitude of activities can cause doctoral candidates to get bogged down and lose control of their time. This not only affects their performance, but also their health and personal happiness.

In this online seminar you will learn the basics of modern time management. This will bring structure into your everyday life and enable you to master all the challenges in your life efficiently and productively. On top of the you will learn how to skillfully combine and reconcile the different areas in your life. With the help of the techniques taught, you will be able to organize current as well as new projects wisely and make your way of working much more productive.

The content is specifically tailored to the challenges of doctoral students and focuses on independent work. Thus, the knowledge is not only interesting for the duration of the doctorate, but also beyond. In addition, aspects of seminar focus on the concentrated work in the home office.


  • Introduction Time Management
  • Setting goals
  • Setting priorities
  • Short-term and long-term planning
  • Working in a focused way
  • Staying productive
  • Build habits
  • Self-motivation and self-discipline
  • Special challenges in the home office