Further education  /  14. Juli 2021  -  13. August 2021

Training series »Introduction to Quantum Computing«

The Competence Center Quantum-High Performance Computing and –Algorithms for the Industry (QHAI) at the Fraunhofer ITWM is organizing a training series with the aim to give a basic introduction to quantum computing for researchers and PhD students who are interested in the subject or are going to start working in the field. No previous background in quantum mechanics or quantum computing is required.


  • Quantum Computing – Big View
  • Fundamentals of Quantum Mechanics
  • Basic Model of Quantum Computation
  • Quantum Algorithms
  • Use Cases
    • Quantum Finance
    • Quantum Image Processing
    • Quantum Machine Learning 

Additionally, a practical session to get the first experience with the IBM Q System One will be organized. 


Familiarity with basic concepts in linear algebra and knowledge of programming in Python.