High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation

High Performance Center Simulation and Software Based Innovation

With performance centers, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft pursues the goal of sustainable location development. The Fraunhofer concept relies on existing cooperations with relevant players from the scientific community and regional networking with the business community. All dimensions are included: Research and teaching, promotion of young scientists, overarching infrastructures, innovation and transfer in SMEs and large companies.

Cooperation between companies, universities, and research institutions at the Kaiserslautern location has been institutionalized in the Simulation and Software-based Innovation Performance Center since 2016 and has significantly expanded existing cooperations and transfer measures. The City of Science Kaiserslautern offers a nationwide unique infrastructure in the field of applied IT research and especially hardware-, software- and network-based digital technologies, which is characterized by a variety of coordinated activities and by the joint appearance of regional companies and institutions under the umbrella of SIAK e.V. (Science and Innovation Alliance Kaiserslautern). The concept sees itself as an instrument for innovation and exploitation-oriented excellence assurance in key topics for selected regions.

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Seminar Series »Scientific Computing«

In the Scientific Computing Seminar, talks are presented by guests and members of the SciComp team, as well as by students of mathematics, computer science, and engineering.



Seminar Series »Machine and Deep Learning«

For everyone who wants to learn more about Deep Learning, Machine Learning or AI.



Educational Seminars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« at Fraunhofer ITWM offers advanced training seminars with costs on the topics listed below in 2023. You can register here:



Technology Webinars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« at Fraunhofer ITWM will organize free webinars on various technology topics in 2023:



Technology Webinars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« at Fraunhofer ITWM will organize free webinars on various technology topics in 2023:

Latest News From Our Research


IVW Article / 1.12.2022

Participation in the Project »ML4SIM«

Fiber-reinforced plastics play a key role in emission reduction due to their lightweight potential. The structural complexity of fiber structures leads to major challenges. In the joint project »ML4SIM« with the Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials (IVW), the Fraunhofer ITWM are developing effective multiscale simulation methods to account for and understand these.


Press Release / 17.11.2022

New Project »AgriDataSpace« Creates European Dataspace for Agriculture

Fraunhofer IESE assumes the role of a technical manager for the overall project.

Blog Article from Fraunhofer IESE / 19.10.2022

»AI Innovation Labs«: Determining the AI Suitability of Companies«

With the help of so-called »AI Innovation Labs«, companies can identify business and use cases suitable for them, create prototypes with AI technology, and evaluate their feasibility. Against the background of more than 9 years of practical experience with the development of AI systems, the AI experts of Fraunhofer IESE present the basic findings of their new white paper on this topic in their article.


Impressions / 11.10.2022

MINT-EC-Math-Talent-School is taking place this week

What does the professional world of a mathematician look like and what is applied mathematics? This and much more is what 15 schoolgirls from schools in the national Excellence School Network MINT-EC are currently discovering at Fraunhofer ITWM. In three exciting projects, they are learning about current research topics from the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics.

Article in DUP Plattform für Digitalisierung & Nachhaltigkeit / 10.10.2022

Excellent Service Starts Inside

Interview with Nicole Spanier-Baro, Administrative Director of Fraunhofer IESE, about employer attractiveness and New Work as well as the corresponding success factors of the institute.

[Article in German]


New Video Series / 7.10.2022

Tell us your Lautrer Math Story!

Kaiserslautern, a medium-sized, charming city in the Palatinate Forest. Unknown to many: Pioneering technologies are developed on the Science Mile. The TU Kaiserslautern with the Department of Mathematics and we, the largest institute for industrial mathematics, are within walking distance of each other and all benefit from the synergies. Behind this are very special stories of mathematicians:

Presse Release / 29.9.2022

Final Event of the Fraunhofer Lead Project Cognac

Over the past four years, in the lead project »Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC)«, eight Fraunhofer institutes under the consortium leadership of Fraunhofer IESE have jointly investigated the challenges and the state of the art in agriculture and developed solution modules in the areas of sensor technology, robotics, automation, digital data space, and cognitive services. The project results were presented to the public at the final event on September 29, 2022 in Dresden.

[Press Release in German]

  • More (iese.fraunhofer.de)

Article in Tagesspiegel Background / 26.9.2022

Database Digitizes Therapy Protocol

Digitization holds enormous potential for shaping the health care system, but is nevertheless making only slow progress. The example of the Onkopti database, which is intended to improve the treatment of cancer patients, shows that it would be worth stepping on the gas pedal - says Rolf von Lengen from Fraunhofer IESE, who is behind the Fraunhofer project and outlines it in the Tagesspiegel Background article.

[Article in German]


Press Release / 23.9.2022

2.8 Million for Competence Center Quantum Computing

The competence center »Quantum HPC and Algorithms for Industry« at Fraunhofer ITWM is entering the next round. This future technology is funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate with a total of five million euros. The Minister for Science and Health, Clemens Hoch, handed over the notification of funding.  [Only available in German]

  • More (itwm.fraunhofer.de)

Press Release / 22.9.2022

Interactive Exhibition at Fraunhofer Center

I AM AI – What can Artificial Intelligence do? Does an AI make mistakes? How does a neural network learn? Curious people can get answers in the foyer of the Fraunhofer Center in Kaiserslautern, where they can get involved with AI. [Press Release only available in German, exhibition also in English]

  • More (itwm.fraunhofer.de)

InnoVisions Article / 22.9.2022

Better Networked With 5G

Regenerative power generation runs at full speed when the wind is strong or the sun is shining brightly. To better coordinate energy supply and demand, power plants and supply networks must be intelligently networked. 5G provides a basis for this. The online magazine InnoVisions reports on the project »5Gain«.

Blog Post / 20.9.2022

Biointelligence in the Lead Project Rnauto

The primary goal of the RNAuto lead project is to develop automated manufacturing processes for innovative mRNA active ingredients in order to ensure sustainable and economical healthcare with gene and cell therapeutics. Digital process automation plays a key role in this. This is the only way to ensure product quality and the need for affordable, innovative therapeutics.

Rolf H. van Lengen, from Fraunhofer IESE, continues the blog series on the topic of »Automated production technologies for affordable mRNA-based drugs«.

[Bolog Post in German]


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