Contract Research

In the contract research transfer path, the focus is particularly on industry cooperations (regular customers and new customer acquisition). In addition to classic project contracts, we also offer industry seminars and illustrate our developments by means of demonstrators and in real laboratories. The competencies of the individual partners in the performance center complement each other synergistically to form a strong portfolio.

Our matrix structure with method-oriented research and development laboratories for the development of joint simulation and software technologies and the four application-oriented transfer centers »Process Engineering/Chemistry«, »Mobility«, »Production Processes/Energy Efficiency«, »Biotechnology/Health« has proven its worth in order to rapidly lead new ideas to mature innovations and transfer them to industry.



  • Economic return and increase of the SME share
  • Synergetic competence portfolio: joint promotion projects 
  • Long-term customer loyalty: acquisition of regular customers
  • Expansion of customer spectrum, especially SMEs: acquisition of new customers


  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry IHK
  • Commercial Vehicle Alliance



Transfer Center »Process Engineering/ Chemistry«

for better process planning in the industry


Transfer Center »Mobility«

for new technologies for the virtual product development of vehicles


Transfer Center »Production Processes/ Energy Efficiency«

for optimized production planning and processes in the manufacturing industry


Transfer Center »Biotechnology/ Health«

for better decision support in medicine, care and the pharmaceutical industry