Transfer Center »Biotechnology / Health«

In many medical fields, decision support based on mathematical models can increase the care, therapy and thus even the survival chances of patients. For successful decision support in biotechnology and health care, it is essential to have sufficient homogeneous data that cover the processes as completely as possible. An important task of the transfer center »Biotechnology / Health« is to provide suitable knowledge- and data-based models as well as to integrate customized components based on artificial intelligence (AI) for their analysis. 

The main goal of the research team is to combine methodological elements from statistics and AI, from optimization and decision support with relevant process knowledge from biotechnology and health.

This requires a trustful exchange of clinical and industrial practitioners at eye level. This is cultivated in the transfer center »Biotechnology / Health« through long-standing cooperation with regional and supra-regional hospitals and companies.


 Focus Areas at a Glance

  • Model- and AI-based analysis of medical data
    • Detection of diseases
    • Epidemic models 
    • Follow-up care and patient empowerment
  • Decision support in medicine 
    • Therapy decision and planning
    • Therapy management / surgery planning
  • Emergency care and medical precaution
    • Site optimization
    • Capacity management
    • Data-based process optimization
  • Care management
    • Professional/home care interface
    • Resource management
  • Production planning in biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry 
    • Industry 4.0 and digital twins
    • Quality assurance
    • Design of Experiments


We work closely with the companies Varian Medical Solution in Palo Alto and BioNTech in Mainz. Regional partnerships exist with the University Hospitals of Mainz and Heidelberg/Mannheim as well as the Westpfalz-Klinikum in Kaiserslautern. We have national networks with the university hospitals in Dresden, Leipzig and Halle, the LMU Munich, the Charité in Berlin and the Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital in Boston.