Licensing (of Property Rights)

The High Performance Center has set itself the goal of developing and implementing joint software generation and exploitation strategies. Innovations in software are created through close interdisciplinary cooperation in the research and development laboratories supported by targeted training measures to find strategies for market-oriented licensing.

The software and simulation solutions that we develop within the framework of the performance center are licensed and marketed, among others, by existing spin-offs and possible new spin-offs to be founded at the site. This also includes joint licensing through negotiated contract framework structures. In addition to the licensing business, longer-term development cooperations are often agreed to close gaps in the value chain.



  • Expansion of the software portfolio
  • Joint licensing
  • Revenues from licensing
  • Needs analysis and partner acquisition using the performance center ecosystem  


  • fleXstructures
  • Math2Market
  • Altair
  • Dassault
  • scapos