Research and Development Labs of the High Performance Center

The Research and Development Labs have a methodical orientation. They develop concepts and algorithms in various areas focusing on different aspects. These fundamental technologies will later be available to the four Transfer Centers.


»Digital Twins«

The R&D Lab deals with simulation and software methods for the digitization of products.


»Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence«

The R&D Lab is dedicated to the challenges that arise with the use of artificial intelligence in practice.


»Next Generation Computing«

The R&D Lab deals with new computer and memory architectures for embedded systems as well as for high performance computing.

Transfer Centers

Having a clear focus on industry applications, the centers work together with industrial partners from a wide range of sectors.

  • Transfer center »Process Engineering/Chemistry« – for better process planning in industry
  • Transfer center »Mobility« – for new technologies in virtual product development of vehicles
  • Transfer center »Production Processes/Energy Efficiency« – for optimized production planning and processes in the manufacturing industry
  • Transfer center »Biotechnology/Health« – for improved decision support in medicine, care and the pharmaceutical industry

Structure of the High Performance Center

The High Performance Center is governed by various committees.