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Matchmaking Event / 17.3.2023

5-HT X-Linker 2023: Healthtech for Pharma

5-HT Digital Hub – Chemistry and Health is looking for innovative startups from Healthtech for Pharma. The application deadline for the free matchmaking event for national and international startups and companies in the healthcare industry is 10.02.2023.



Seminar Series »Scientific Computing«

In the Scientific Computing Seminar, talks are presented by guests and members of the SciComp team, as well as by students of mathematics, computer science, and engineering.



Seminar Series »Machine and Deep Learning«

For everyone who wants to learn more about Deep Learning, Machine Learning or AI.



Educational Seminars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« at Fraunhofer ITWM offers advanced training seminars with costs on the topics listed below in 2023. You can register here:



Technology Webinars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« at Fraunhofer ITWM will organize free webinars on various technology topics in 2023:


Conference / 26.1.2023

Trends and prerequisite for digital agriculture

Digitization makes agriculture sustainable. The use of new technologies offers the possibility of producing in a more resource-efficient way. Under the topic "Trends and Prerequisites for Digital Agriculture", Fraunhofer IESE will participate with a presentation by Peter Liggesmeyer and Jörg Dörr (TU Kaiserslautern).


Conference / 14. - 15.09.2023

International IVW-Colloquium

On September 14 and 15, 2023, you can expect top-class lectures from science and application at the colloquium focusing on "Eco-efficiency with Composite", organized by the Leibniz Institute for Composites.


Fraunhofer ITWM, Kaiserslautern, Conference / 25.9. – 27.9.2023

KLAIM 2023

Save the Date for KLAIM 2023: More information about the conference will follow. The aim of the biennial conference is to provide a forum for applied mathematicians from academia, research laboratories, and industry. The focus of KLAIM 2023 is on the combination of model-based approaches and data-driven techniques.



Technology Webinars

The division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« at Fraunhofer ITWM will organize free webinars on various technology topics in 2023. Next appointment for the statistics software tool JUROJIN:

News From the Research Partners

Press Release / 20.12.2022

New Professor for Embedded Systems at htw saar

Dr.-Ing. Matthias Jung, currently Expert Engineer for »Virtual Hardware Engineering« and Deputy Managing Director at Fraunhofer IESE, received his certificate of appointment as professor at htw saar at the Ministry of Finance and Science on December 13, 2022.

He will take over lectures in the area of embedded systems as of the first of January 2023 and will continue to conduct research in this area.

Blog Article from Fraunhofer IESE / 19.10.2022

»AI Innovation Labs«: Determining the AI Suitability of Companies«

With the help of so-called »AI Innovation Labs«, companies can identify business and use cases suitable for them, create prototypes with AI technology, and evaluate their feasibility. Against the background of more than 9 years of practical experience with the development of AI systems, the AI experts of Fraunhofer IESE present the basic findings of their new white paper on this topic in their article.


Impressions / 11.10.2022

MINT-EC-Math-Talent-School is taking place this week

What does the professional world of a mathematician look like and what is applied mathematics? This and much more is what 15 schoolgirls from schools in the national Excellence School Network MINT-EC are currently discovering at Fraunhofer ITWM. In three exciting projects, they are learning about current research topics from the fields of mathematics, computer science and physics.

Article in DUP Plattform für Digitalisierung & Nachhaltigkeit / 10.10.2022

Excellent Service Starts Inside

Interview with Nicole Spanier-Baro, Administrative Director of Fraunhofer IESE, about employer attractiveness and New Work as well as the corresponding success factors of the institute.

[Article in German]


New Video Series / 7.10.2022

Tell us your Lautrer Math Story!

Kaiserslautern, a medium-sized, charming city in the Palatinate Forest. Unknown to many: Pioneering technologies are developed on the Science Mile. The TU Kaiserslautern with the Department of Mathematics and we, the largest institute for industrial mathematics, are within walking distance of each other and all benefit from the synergies. Behind this are very special stories of mathematicians:

Presse Release / 29.9.2022

Final Event of the Fraunhofer Lead Project Cognac

Over the past four years, in the lead project »Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC)«, eight Fraunhofer institutes under the consortium leadership of Fraunhofer IESE have jointly investigated the challenges and the state of the art in agriculture and developed solution modules in the areas of sensor technology, robotics, automation, digital data space, and cognitive services. The project results were presented to the public at the final event on September 29, 2022 in Dresden.

[Press Release in German]

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Article in Tagesspiegel Background / 26.9.2022

Database Digitizes Therapy Protocol

Digitization holds enormous potential for shaping the health care system, but is nevertheless making only slow progress. The example of the Onkopti database, which is intended to improve the treatment of cancer patients, shows that it would be worth stepping on the gas pedal - says Rolf von Lengen from Fraunhofer IESE, who is behind the Fraunhofer project and outlines it in the Tagesspiegel Background article.

[Article in German]


Press Release / 23.9.2022

2.8 Million for Competence Center Quantum Computing

The competence center »Quantum HPC and Algorithms for Industry« at Fraunhofer ITWM is entering the next round. This future technology is funded by the state of Rhineland-Palatinate with a total of five million euros. The Minister for Science and Health, Clemens Hoch, handed over the notification of funding.  [Only available in German]

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Press Release / 22.9.2022

Interactive Exhibition at Fraunhofer Center

I AM AI – What can Artificial Intelligence do? Does an AI make mistakes? How does a neural network learn? Curious people can get answers in the foyer of the Fraunhofer Center in Kaiserslautern, where they can get involved with AI. [Press Release only available in German, exhibition also in English]

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InnoVisions Article / 22.9.2022

Better Networked With 5G

Regenerative power generation runs at full speed when the wind is strong or the sun is shining brightly. To better coordinate energy supply and demand, power plants and supply networks must be intelligently networked. 5G provides a basis for this. The online magazine InnoVisions reports on the project »5Gain«.

Blog Post / 20.9.2022

Biointelligence in the Lead Project Rnauto

The primary goal of the RNAuto lead project is to develop automated manufacturing processes for innovative mRNA active ingredients in order to ensure sustainable and economical healthcare with gene and cell therapeutics. Digital process automation plays a key role in this. This is the only way to ensure product quality and the need for affordable, innovative therapeutics.

Rolf H. van Lengen, from Fraunhofer IESE, continues the blog series on the topic of »Automated production technologies for affordable mRNA-based drugs«.

[Bolog Post in German]



Research News / 1.9.2022

Algorithms for Manufacturing mRNA-Based Pharmaceuticals

In addition to the development of a Corona vaccine, the company BioNTech is also interested in research on personalized mRNA-based therapy against cancer. For both applications, a team of ITWM researchers has developed two software platforms for the optimal planning and control of the production processes in cooperation with BioNTech.


Press Release / 3.8.2022

YRS 22 Brings Together Doctoral Students from Landau and Kaiserslautern

The Young Researchers Symposium (YRS 2022) took place for the fifth time at the Fraunhofer Center in Kaiserslautern on July 22. This year's winners impressed with topics such as the Netflix algorithm, cat (pictures), mosquitoes and a lot of humor.


IESE-Blog / 28.07.2022

Agile Machine Learning Processes for SMEs

Agile machine learning processes can be a true success factor for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Our experts at Fraunhofer IESE support companies at the interface between agility and data science, in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), from the conception of innovative data-based services to their implementation.

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Press Release / 25.7.2022

High Performance Center Achieves Top Position

The close cooperation between university and non-university research produces outstanding results – especially in Kaiserslautern: For the first time, a panel of experts from Fraunhofer evaluated all 21 High Performance Centers of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The result: We ranked first.

News at IVW / 29.07.2022

Digitization of a CFRP manufacturing process

Carbon fibers have the property of polarizing incident unpolarized light from natural or artificial light sources. In this process, the orientation angle of the reflected polarized light reflects the orientation of the carbon fibers. With a suitable imaging technique, this effect can be used to measure the fiber orientation on CFRP components and semi-finished products in real time.

Since neither cost-intensive equipment nor complex sample preparation is required, this method offers an efficient alternative to conventional measurement methods such as CT scans or eddy current measurements. 


Press Release / 27.07.2022

Minister Clemens Hoch hands over funding notification for »MultiskalenBEV«

In the »MultiskalenBEV« project, researchers are focusing on customized and intelligent solutions in the virtual product development of e-vehicles. The project is funded by the Ministry of Science and Health of Rhineland-Palatinate. Yesterday, Minister Clemens Hoch handed over the funding notification.


Press Release / 21.07.2022

Artificial intelligence for a safe and environmentally friendly construction industry

DFKI, in cooperation with TU Kaiserslautern, is coodinating the new EU project  »HumanTech«, in which human-centered concepts for cooperation between workers and machines, digital twins, intelligent protection and support equipment, and robot technologies are being developed. 


Press Release / 20.7.2022

Pandemic Prevention With Statistics Software

The pandemic confronted Germany's public health departments with major challenges. Help also came from mathematics: Together with partners,  experts at Fraunhofer ITWM used statistical modeling to support the health offices in the multitude of decisions that had to be made on a daily basis. Now the »EsteR« project is coming to an end and some exciting results and tools can be presented – tools that will also be relevant in the future.

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Newsletter Article / 14.7.2022

Simulator-Supported Product Development

For more than ten years, Volvo Construction Equipment has been using the interactive driving and operating simulator »RODOS« at Fraunhofer ITWM for simulator-based production development. Two experts from the institute report in an article in the newsletter of the »Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest« (CVC).

News / 21.6.2022

New testing facility at IVW

The Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials has commissioned a new machine that enables the determination of fatigue crack propagation behavior in fiber composites under the influence of media. 

The machine offers the possibility to be operated vertically as well as in a horizontal position. Hence, this enables new important possibilities to design experiments, such as e.g. testing bio-based basalt fiber reinforced composites in highly alkaline environments



InnoVisions / 21.6.2022

Faster with Quantum Algorithms

The development of new composite materials is precision work. The micrometer-sized structures of the high-performance materials must later ensure the functionality, durability and safety of complex components for aircraft fuselages, wind turbine rotors or in buildings. We already have excellent mathematical methods. One problem lies with computation time. Is the solution quantum computing? Will it soon make everything much faster? [only available in German]



Press Release / 9.6.2022

Using Energy Efficiently With Math

The topic of energy is more present than ever before: Both industry and private households are facing new challenges.

Our Experts have been developing innovative methods and models for the energy sector for several years. From June 21 to 23, the researchers will present the most exciting energy projects at the leading trade fair E-world.


Review / 8.6.2022

»More Efficiency through Automation, Digital Twins and Machine Learning?«

In the monthly »Jour Fixe« of the CU West cluster of Composites United e. V. on May 16, 2022, the CU members discussed the opportunities for efficiency gains through automation, digital twins and machine learning. As the key to mass production of composites parts, digitization is a central topic for the future.


Whitepaper / 3.6.2022

Federated Learning: Whitepaper published

Federated learning is a novel, decentralized AI method where only the locally learned models are shared instead of the data. Coordinating the participating devices is a complex issue that requires a scalable and fault-tolerant runtime environment.


Press Release / 2.6.2022

Network for Open Source Activities for The Asset Administration Shell

Dr. Thomas Kuhn from Fraunhofer IESE, as deputy of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for the project »BaSys«, has signed a »Memorandum of Understanding« (MoU for short) with the Industrial Digital Twin Association e.V. (IDTA) at Hannover Messe 2022. The two partners are thus entering into a contractually agreed cooperation for the standardization of asset administration shells for industry.


Press Release / 12.5.2022

Funding in the Millions for The »Offene Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz«

With the »Offenen Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz«, the two Kaiserslautern universities are once again successful in the federal-state initiative »Innovative University« and can pursue the goal of sustainably shaping the digital future and creating innovations with the region and for the region in the second funding phase. 

Book Publication/ 16.04.2022

»Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering«

The book by Michael Bortz of Fraunhofer ITWM and Norbert Asprion of BASF introduces the scientific progress of process engineering. Using illustrative examples, it shows how this progress has been translated into technical innovations and goes into details about the methods used. It also takes a look at the industrial challenges of a digitalized world. ISBN: 9780323850438



Press Release / 17.3.2022

Ministerial Director Hands Over Funding Notification for ENERDIG

The efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. The state government of Rhineland-Palatinate also wants to counteract climate change and therefore promotes efficiency-increasing and energy-saving measures such as our "ENERDIG" project. Ministerial Director Daniel Stich handed over the funding notification to ITWM Director Anita Schöbel and Project Manager Dietmar Hietel.

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