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Thursdays, 10.00 h / Online

Seminar Series »Machine and Deep Learning«

For everyone who wants to learn more about Deep Learning, Machine Learning or AI.

Thursdays, 12:00 h / hybrid

Seminar Series »Scientific Computing«

On July 7, Tahmineh Zakizadeh Fallahabadi will give the lecture »Hyperparameter Optimization for Machine Learning Models using Bayesian Optimization«.

19.09. – 21.09.2022 / online

Seminar »Systems und Software Product Line Engineering«

Pursue a Degree in »Software Engineering for Embedded Systems« while Continuing to Work


Information Event of the TU Kaiserslautern / 2.7.2022

Tag der Mathematik 2022

The Day of Mathematics is an information event of the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern, which is primarily aimed at students of secondary schools of all grades as well as accompanying teachers and parents, but also at students. 


Hanau and online, Conference / 5.7. – 6.7.2022

Automotive CAE Grand Challenge

The Automotive CAE Grand Challenge promotes the exchange between companies, science and software development to solve these challenges. Some of our experts will be on site and give some exciting presentations.


Kaiserslautern / 7.7.2022

Simulation-Based Validation Workshop

In this workshop, current research work will be presented, which deals with the topic of virtual validation and especially considers safety as a property. Furthermore, interesting developments from standardization and currently used approaches from industry will be presented. In addition, upcoming challenges will be discussed in working groups and solutions will be exchanged.


Kaiserslautern / 18.7.2022

Virtual Engineering Day

The event focuses on early validation of complex system functions and new architecture concepts.

In an exchange with experts from industry and practice-oriented research, you can get to know and discuss current challenges and solutions for virtual engineering.


Fair / 19. 7 – 21.7.2022

KIT Career Fair 2022

Job search made easy: This year's virtual Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Career Fair will feature many companies presenting their entry-level opportunities and career paths. You have the chance to get to know 6 Fraunhofer institutes better.  Fraunhofer ITWM will also be present at a virtual booth.


Kaiserslautern, Panel Discussion / 20.7.2022

What Rules Do We Want for AI in Europe?

Dr. Henrike Stephani, the deputy head of the »Image Processing« department of Fraunhofer ITWM, will take part in the panel discussion of  Offene Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz on »What Rules Do We Want for AI in Europe?« in her capacity as the AI pilot speaker for Rhineland-Palatinate and provide support with her expertise.

Loeben, Österreich / 20.07. – 22.07.2022

5th International Conference Hybrid 2022 Materials and Structures

Lecture of Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weidmann from Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe: »In-line quality assurance and process control in fully automated welding processes«

Loeben, Österreich / 20.07. – 22.07.2022

23. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde

At the 23. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde three colleagues of Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe will be giving presentations.

Jan-Eric Semar, M.Sc.: »Entwicklung einer modularen, forschungstauglichen RTM-Injektionsanlage für in-situ polymerisierende Thermoplaste«

Dipl.-Ing. Benedikt Bergmann: »Novel process for the filament winding«

Alexander Nuhn, M.Sc.: »Gesamtheitliche Optimierung einer hybriden Koppelstange«


22.07.2022/ Kaiserslautern

5. Young Researchers Symposium 2022

The Young Researchers Symposium 2022 brings science from PhD students from Kaiserslautern and Landau to the point. Short and crisp, instead of boring and dry!

Reykjavík, Conference / 25.7 – 29. 7.2022

SciCADE 2022

SciCADE, the International Conference on Scientific Computing and Differential Equations, is a biennial meeting dedicated to scientific computing using numerical methods. An expert from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« of Fraunhofer ITWM, Urs Baumgart, will be on site to give a presentation on »Optimal Traffic Control«.

13.-15.09.2022/ Kaiserslautern

7th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium Kaiserslautern

Find out about the latest technologies and trends in the commercial vehicle industry.

Technology Day / 14.09.2022

Technology Day »Technology Center Thermoplastic Composites (TTC)«

At the Technology Day of the Leibniz-Instituts für Verbundwerkstoffe, you can expect exciting presentations on ultrafast tape laying, pressing technology, hybrid component manufacturing, advanced X-ray processes, and quasi-static and short-term dynamic mechanical material characterization - all on site in the IVW laboratories.

News From the Research Partners

News / 21.6.2022

New testing facility at IVW

The Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials has commissioned a new machine that enables the determination of fatigue crack propagation behavior in fiber composites under the influence of media. 

The machine offers the possibility to be operated vertically as well as in a horizontal position. Hence, this enables new important possibilities to design experiments, such as e.g. testing bio-based basalt fiber reinforced composites in highly alkaline environments



InnoVisions / 21.6.2022

Faster with Quantum Algorithms

The development of new composite materials is precision work. The micrometer-sized structures of the high-performance materials must later ensure the functionality, durability and safety of complex components for aircraft fuselages, wind turbine rotors or in buildings. We already have excellent mathematical methods. One problem lies with computation time. Is the solution quantum computing? Will it soon make everything much faster? [only available in German]



Press Release / 9.6.2022

Using Energy Efficiently With Math

The topic of energy is more present than ever before: Both industry and private households are facing new challenges.

Our Experts have been developing innovative methods and models for the energy sector for several years. From June 21 to 23, the researchers will present the most exciting energy projects at the leading trade fair E-world.


Review / 8.6.2022

»More Efficiency through Automation, Digital Twins and Machine Learning?«

In the monthly »Jour Fixe« of the CU West cluster of Composites United e. V. on May 16, 2022, the CU members discussed the opportunities for efficiency gains through automation, digital twins and machine learning. As the key to mass production of composites parts, digitization is a central topic for the future.


Whitepaper / 3.6.2022

Federated Learning: Whitepaper published

Federated learning is a novel, decentralized AI method where only the locally learned models are shared instead of the data. Coordinating the participating devices is a complex issue that requires a scalable and fault-tolerant runtime environment.


Press Release / 2.6.2022

Network for Open Source Activities for The Asset Administration Shell

Dr. Thomas Kuhn from Fraunhofer IESE, as deputy of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft for the project »BaSys«, has signed a »Memorandum of Understanding« (MoU for short) with the Industrial Digital Twin Association e.V. (IDTA) at Hannover Messe 2022. The two partners are thus entering into a contractually agreed cooperation for the standardization of asset administration shells for industry.


Press Release / 12.5.2022

Funding in the Millions for The »Offene Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz«

With the »Offenen Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz«, the two Kaiserslautern universities are once again successful in the federal-state initiative »Innovative University« and can pursue the goal of sustainably shaping the digital future and creating innovations with the region and for the region in the second funding phase. 

Book Publication/ 16.04.2022

»Simulation and Optimization in Process Engineering«

The book by Michael Bortz of Fraunhofer ITWM and Norbert Asprion of BASF introduces the scientific progress of process engineering. Using illustrative examples, it shows how this progress has been translated into technical innovations and goes into details about the methods used. It also takes a look at the industrial challenges of a digitalized world. ISBN: 9780323850438



Press Release / 17.3.2022

Ministerial Director Hands Over Funding Notification for ENERDIG

The efficient use of energy is becoming increasingly important. The state government of Rhineland-Palatinate also wants to counteract climate change and therefore promotes efficiency-increasing and energy-saving measures such as our "ENERDIG" project. Ministerial Director Daniel Stich handed over the funding notification to ITWM Director Anita Schöbel and Project Manager Dietmar Hietel.

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