Further education  /  6.5.2020  -  7.5.2020, 9-17 h

Seminar »Your presentation: gripping and understandable«

Recommended as preparation for the Young Researchers Symposium 2020

There are many ways in which scientists communicate their work, publications, poster or oral presentations or via individual conversations. In terms of leaving a deep impression about your work and yourself, oral presentations are a very powerful way. However, many scientists are scared of the prospect to stand in front of a large and potentially critical audience to present their work. They rush through the presentations, clinging onto overloaded slides and miss a crucial chance to show themselves in a positive light.



  • Target the audience and setting
  • Have or craft a storyline
  • From start to finish. ‘Clamp’ your presentation

Slide design

  • No overloaded slides!
  • Graphics vs. text
  • Best- and worst-practice examples

Your performance

  • Stage fright: enjoy the adrenaline rush
  • Body language
  • Personality types: can you score well as an introvert? How authentic can/shall you be? – Pace, voice, interaction
  • Stylistic figures               

Q&A sessions: and you just thought it´s over already…

  • Be an active scientist: asking questions yourself
  • Counter challenging questions

You have the opportunity to receive a video feedback of your presentation.