Further training  /  04. September 2017  -  18. September 2017

Course »How to Get Published in English - Writers' Workshops for Scientific and Technical Writing«


Researchers and other academic staff increasingly need to publish some of their work in English. This helps them reach a wider audience and improve their academic standing. Sometimes their level of English leads reviewers to reject the papers or to misunderstand the contents. The result is that their peers often under-appreciate the authors' good work. The workshop consists of five 1/2 -day interactive sessions that take participants step-by-step through the writing and revision of a paper or other similar document. Between sessions, participants apply the theory to their own texts. They also receive feedback and suggestions for improvement of their texts from the workshop leader. By the end of the course each participant will have polished at least one paper or report and will be able to approach the next paper confidently.


  • Ensuring that your content fits your message and your audience
  • The structure and organisation of papers and articles in English
  • Getting your message across in English: The differences between logical argument in English and German
  • The main style differences between English and German
  • How to revise your writing at the article and paragraph level
  • How to revise at the sentence level
  • Techniques for dealing with writer’s block
  • Presenting definitions, theorems and proofs clearly
  • Discussing tables and figures