Fairs, conferences and events 2022


Baden-Baden, Congress / 22. – 23.11.2022


The VDI congress »SIMVEC« sees itself as a platform where advances in simulation technology and testing in vehicle development are presented and discussed. Dr.-Ing. Lilli Burger, Dr. Michael Burger and Dr.-Ing. Jonathan Jahnke from Fraunhofer ITWM will be represented on site with several presentations and an exhibition booth.


Kaiserslautern, Workshop / 22.11.2022

Trading and Optimization for Flexible Energy Consumers

In the project »FlexEuro«, researchers Fraunhofer ITWM are developing models and methods for the optimal marketing of load flexibilities in various electricity markets. At the end of the project, the project team is organizing a workshop whose goal is to look at the topic of »Flexibility« from different angles.


Wiesbaden, Symposium / 16. – 17.11.2022

Symposium »Human Modeling and Simulation in Automotive Engineering«

The symposium revolves around issues in automotive technology. Joachim Linn and Marius Obentheuer from Fraunhofer ITWM give a lecture on the topic »EMMA4Drive – A Dynamic Human Model for Autonomous Driving«.


Dallas, TX USA, Conference / 13. – 18.11.2022

Supercomputing 22

Supercomputing 22 is an international conference on high performance computing, networking, storage, and analysis. Our colleagues fromthe Fraunhofer ITWM will present selected ITWM projects and software solutions at the exhibition.


Stuttgart, Fair / 8.11. – 10.11.2022

FOAM Expo Europe 2022

The Foam Expo Europe is a trade fair and conference for technical foam products and their manufacturing. The team around Dr. Konrad Steiner,  managing director of the High Perofrmance Center, will give a lecture and will be on site and inform you around our software solution »Digital Twin FOAM: Simulation Chain of Foams«.


Berlin, Conference / 8. – 9.11.2022

Annual Meeting of the Research Network Energy System Analysis

The Annual Meeting of the Research Network Energy System Analysis is dedicated to the topic »Systems Analysis for a Resilient Energy System«. Experts from Fraunhofer ITWM will give a poster presentation.


Benningen, Symposium / 8. – 9.11.2022

Symposium »Driving Simulation« 2022

The Symposium Driving Simulation (SDS) brings together industrial and academic expertise from the fields of virtual driving simulation, vehicle dynamics, ADAS sensor technology and autonomous driving. Dr. Sebastian Emmerich and Tim Rothmann from tFraunhofer ITWM will be on site.

Online / 21.11.2022

13. Jour Fixe des CU-West

In the »Jour Fixe«, CU members from a technology field briefly introduce themselves. An expert will then introduce a central topic from this technology field and discuss it with the participants. Topic on 21.11.2022: »Composites - Perspectives in Aerospace«.

Brief introductions:

- Saertex (Sven Blank)
- CirComp (Hans-Peter Fuchs)
- DLR Institute for Materials Research (Michael Welter)

Discussion chaired by Prof. Dr. Ulf Breuer, Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials.


Naples, Italy, Conference / 7. – 11.11.2022

QTML 2022

The QTML is an international event dealing with quantum-based Machine Learning (ML), an interdisciplinary field that combines quantum technology and ML. Dr. Ali Moghiseh and M.Sc. Alexander Geng from Fraunhofer ITWM will give a poster talk.


Kaiserslautern, Workshop / 04.11.2022

Day of Process Engineering 2022

The 6. interdisciplinary exchange of expertise between the TU Kaiserslautern and departments of the Fraunhofer ITWM will take place on November 4, 2022. The event is organized by the High Performance Center »Simulation and Software Based Innovation«.

Hybrid Event / 28. – 29.10.2022


From October 28-29, 2022, the annual PFAFF HACK Hackathon of Fraunhofer IESE will take place. A hackathon is a software development event in which participants work together in several teams and within a short time window to develop prototypes that are intended to solve societal challenges.

Together, we »hack» the city life of tomorrow - that is: create solutions for future challenges in the urban context in an innovative and creative way. Just like a life hack, but with code and for a social purpose!

[Event Page in German]

  • More (iese.fraunhofer.de)

Düsseldorf, Fair / 19. – 26.10.2022

K-Messe 2022

At the world's leading trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry, our experts from Fraunhofer ITWM  will be on site to present applications using terahertz measurement technology.

  • More (itwm.fraunhofer.de)

Fürth, Conference / 19. – 20.10.2022

Fraunhofer Vision Technology Day

A team from the department »Image Processing« from Fraunhofer ITWM will be on site with a presentation and the exhibit »Robot-Supported Inspection Planning and Surface Inspection«.

  • More (itwm.fraunhofer.de)

Congress fair, online / 18. – 20.10.2022

Smart Country Convention – #SCCON22

The Smart Country Convention is Germany's leading convention for the digital transformation of the public sector. It is one of the largest digital benchmarks in the German-speaking world. National and international companies, institutions, organizations, authorities, and associations present their ideas, concepts, and solutions for the future of electronic administration and public services.


Fraunhofer IESE will be there and share its digital know-how.

Online / 17.10.2022

12. Jour Fixe of the CU-West

In the »Jour Fixe«, CU members from a technology field briefly introduce themselves. An expert will then introduce a central topic from this technology field and discuss it with the participants.

Topic on 17.10.2022: "Material selection with the aid of characteristic values".

Brief introductions:

- AVK (Dr. Elmar Witten)
- GMA materials testing (Matthias Alexander Baier)

Discussion led by Dr. Sebastian Schmeer, Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials.


Plauen, Conference / 12. – 13.10.2022

DVM Conference

The conference will focus on new testing methods in combination with numerical simulation, issues related to the value chain and the sustainable development of components up to the end of life of the components. Dr. Michael Burger and Dr. Michael Speckert from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« at Fraunhofer ITWM will be present with a booth and a presentation.

  • More (itwm.fraunhofer.de)

Event series, online / 12.10.2022

Doctorate at last! And now?!

»Career Perspective: Founding«

In the final phase of their doctorate, many doctoral students ask themselves: What comes next? 

On October 12, Dr. Patrick Kölsch, founder and CEO of greenable, a green tech startup from Kaiserslautern, and Dr. Thomas Robbert, co-founder of the startup Evolime, which builds extremely lightweight wheels for the bicycle industry, will talk about their experiences.

The event series »Doctorate at last! And now?!« organized by the TU-Nachwuchsring is aimed at doctoral graduates from a wide range of fields and career stages.

Conference, online / 06.10.2022

CrowdFORUM 2022

Digitalization is picking up speed due to the global pandemic and climate change is becoming noticeable. People often even talk about the great transformation of our society.

What role does »the crowd« play in the great transformation and how do we manage to tackle it together?
- More effective, more innovative, more colorful? 

This question will be asked by participants and experts at the IDEENWALD CrowdFORUM 2022! 

Conference, Kaiserslautern (IVW) / 06.10.2022

Conference of the Composite United AGs »Thermoplastic Composites, Smart Structures & Multi-Material-Design«

Composites United e.V. invites you to the 3rd WG meeting of the working groups Thermoplastic Composites, Smart Structures and Multi-Material-Design. The meeting will take place at the Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials in Kaiserslautern (IVW) and will be rounded off with a lab tour.

Closing Event, Dresden / 29.09.2022

Experience COGNAC results live

The digital transformation offers many opportunities for agriculture, but also still poses some challenges. Over the past four years, eight Fraunhofer institutes have evaluated the state of the art and developed solution modules in the areas of sensor technology, automation, digital data space and cognitive solutions.

At the free final event of the Fraunhofer lead project "Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC)", the results and demonstrations will be presented to the interested expert audience at Fraunhofer IKTS in Dresden.


Online, Conference / 27.09.2022

Quantum Computing – SciFi or the Future of Finance?

This conference will shed light on which potentials arise from the current state of the art of quantum computing for finance. An overview of the research at Fraunhofer ITWM will be given by three employees from the department »Financial Mathematics«.

Veranstaltungsreihe, Kaiserslautern / 23.9.2022

Insight InTU Research

Insight InTU Research: At this interdisciplinary exchange, the Technische Universität Kaiserslautern opens up access to new technologies for companies and clarifies trends and their fields of application in the operational context.

The venue on September 23 is the John Deere European Technology Innovation Center (ETIC) in Kaiserslautern.

Topic: »Reconfigurable control systems of autonomous driving robots«

  • Speaker: Patrick Wolf (Chair of Robot Systems, TUK)
  • Time: 12:30 to 13:30 hrs.
  • Location: Presence: John Deere ETIC / Online

Conference, Stuttgart / 22. – 23. 09.2022

Advanced Autonomous and Robotics Forum of NRMM

This conference with a focus on NRMM brings together manufacturers of standard and autonomous devices and solution providers.

From Fraunhofer IESE, Dr. Pablo Oliveira Antonio will talk about »The role of digital twins and simulations in the development of cyber-physical systems«.

Conference, online / 15.09.2022

CU West InnoDay: Composite material meets orthopedic technology

With 2,400 companies, the orthopedic technology craft develops orthoses and prostheses for its customers. Composites are an important driver of innovation in many applications. Composites United, the network for high-performance composites, would like to develop the exchange between members and representatives of the industry. Representatives from the orthopaedic technology industry are cordially invited to attend free of charge.


Neapel, Italy / Hybrid conference / 14.9. – 16.9.2022

European Conference on Data Analysis

ECDA 2022 is concerned with interdisciplinary research and interaction between theory and practice. A wide range of topics will be covered by the scientific program of talks and papers. A Fraunhofer ITWM staff member, M.Sc. Axel Preis, will give a talk on »Change Point Detection in Text Data«.

Technology Day / 14.09.2022

Technology Day »Technology Center Thermoplastic Composites (TTC)«

At the Technology Day of the Leibniz-Instituts für Verbundwerkstoffe, you can expect exciting presentations on ultrafast tape laying, pressing technology, hybrid component manufacturing, advanced X-ray processes, and quasi-static and short-term dynamic mechanical material characterization - all on site in the IVW laboratories.


13.-15.09.2022/ Kaiserslautern

7th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium Kaiserslautern

Find out about the latest technologies and trends in the commercial vehicle industry.


Kaiserslautern, Workshop / 8.9. – 9.9.2022

Anomaly and structural break detection

In cooperation with the »German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DFKI«, the Fraunhofer ITWM organizes a workshop on anomaly and structure break detection. Here, there is the possibility to present questions and first research results from the fields of anomaly and structure break detection in lectures or posters.

Stuttgart, Konferenz / 06. – 09. 09.2022

ETFA 2022

Die ETFA 2022 ist die 27. IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IES), die sich auf die neuesten Entwicklungen und neuen Technologien im Bereich der Industrie- und Fabrikautomation konzentriert. Ziel der Konferenz ist die Verbreitung neuartiger Ideen und aufkommender Trends, Forschungsergebnisse und praktischer Errungenschaften. 

Das Fraunhofer IESE organisiert Sessions und Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen.


Fraunhofer ITWM / 5.9. – 9.9.2022

MINT-Girls-Camp: Math-Talent-School 2022

In the Math Talent School of Fraunhofer ITWM, female students have the opportunity to gain practical experience in workshops and with individual supervision and to work in teams on real challenges of applied mathematics.


Frankfurt am Main, Fair / 22.8. – 26.8.2022


Manufacturers and service providers present products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, energy and environmental sectors. This makes the world's leading trade fair ACHEMA the most important source of impetus for the international process industry. Experts from the departments »Flow and Material Simulation« and »Transport Processes« and from the »Optimization« division at Fraunhofer ITWM will be on site to inform about their research.

Reykjavík, Conference / 25.7 – 29. 7.2022

SciCADE 2022

SciCADE, the International Conference on Scientific Computing and Differential Equations, is a biennial meeting dedicated to scientific computing using numerical methods. An expert from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« of Fraunhofer ITWM, Urs Baumgart, will be on site to give a presentation on »Optimal Traffic Control«.


22.07.2022/ Kaiserslautern

5. Young Researchers Symposium 2022

The Young Researchers Symposium 2022 brings science from PhD students from Kaiserslautern and Landau to the point. Short and crisp, instead of boring and dry!

Loeben, Österreich / 20.07. – 22.07.2022

5th International Conference Hybrid 2022 Materials and Structures

Lecture of Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Weidmann from Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe: »In-line quality assurance and process control in fully automated welding processes«

Loeben, Österreich / 20.07. – 22.07.2022

23. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde

At the 23. Symposium Verbundwerkstoffe und Werkstoffverbunde three colleagues of Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe will be giving presentations.

Jan-Eric Semar, M.Sc.: »Entwicklung einer modularen, forschungstauglichen RTM-Injektionsanlage für in-situ polymerisierende Thermoplaste«

Dipl.-Ing. Benedikt Bergmann: »Novel process for the filament winding«

Alexander Nuhn, M.Sc.: »Gesamtheitliche Optimierung einer hybriden Koppelstange«


Kaiserslautern, Panel Discussion / 20.7.2022

What Rules Do We Want for AI in Europe?

Dr. Henrike Stephani, the deputy head of the »Image Processing« department of Fraunhofer ITWM, will take part in the panel discussion of  Offene Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz on »What Rules Do We Want for AI in Europe?« in her capacity as the AI pilot speaker for Rhineland-Palatinate and provide support with her expertise.


Fair / 19. 7 – 21.7.2022

KIT Career Fair 2022

Job search made easy: This year's virtual Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Career Fair will feature many companies presenting their entry-level opportunities and career paths. You have the chance to get to know 6 Fraunhofer institutes better.  Fraunhofer ITWM and Fraunhofer IESE will also be present at a virtual booth.


Kaiserslautern / 18.7.2022

Virtual Engineering Day

The event focuses on early validation of complex system functions and new architecture concepts.

In an exchange with experts from industry and practice-oriented research, you can get to know and discuss current challenges and solutions for virtual engineering.


Hamburg, Conference / 18.07.2022

IUTAM Symposium 2022

From July 18 to 21, 2022, the Institute of Mechanics and Marine Engineering (MUM) at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) will host a symposium for researchers working on various aspects of sensitivity analysis, optimization, and optimal control of multibody systems. An employee of the Fraunhofer ITWM, Dipl.-Math. Monika Harant from the area »Mathematics for Vehicle Engeneering«, will participate here with a presentation.


Hof, Conference / 12.7.2022

Trend Forum Textile 2022

At the Textile Trend Forum, everything revolves around the future of the textile industry. Perspectives for new products, services and the application of modern technologies will be shown, but also solutions for upcoming challenges will be discussed. Head of the department »Flow and Material Simulation« of Fraunhofer ITWM, Dr. Konrad Steiner, will be on site and give a presentation.


Kaiserslautern / 7.7.2022

Simulation-Based Validation Workshop

In this workshop, current research work will be presented, which deals with the topic of virtual validation and especially considers safety as a property. Furthermore, interesting developments from standardization and currently used approaches from industry will be presented. In addition, upcoming challenges will be discussed in working groups and solutions will be exchanged.


Hanau and online, Conference / 5.7. – 6.7.2022

Automotive CAE Grand Challenge

The Automotive CAE Grand Challenge promotes the exchange between companies, science and software development to solve these challenges. Some of our experts will be on site and give some exciting presentations.


Information Event of the TU Kaiserslautern / 2.7.2022

Tag der Mathematik 2022

The Day of Mathematics is an information event of the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern, which is primarily aimed at students of secondary schools of all grades as well as accompanying teachers and parents, but also at students. 


Porto, Portugal / Congress / 26.06. – 29.06.2022

27th Congress of the European Society of Biomechanics

The European Society of Biomechanics organises an annual international scientific conference to share the latest research in the field of biomechanics and provide a forum for discussion. Experts from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Development« of Fraunhofer ITWM contribute to the programme with exciting insights into our research. 


Lausanne, Switzerland, Conference / 26.6.-30.06.2022

20. European Conference on Composite Materials

The 20th European Conference on Composite Materials brings together participants from academia and industry with a common interest in composite materials. M.Sc. Nicola Magino from the department »Flow and Material Simulation« of Fraunhofer ITWM will be present with a presentation.


Digital Event / 24.6.2022

Digitaltag 2022

No matter in which areas of our lives – digitization is profoundly changing our everyday and professional lives. Everyone must be enabled to move confidently and securely, self-assuredly and self-determinedly in the digital world. Therefore, we are offering a workshop on the topic of »AI Minilab - Machine Learning Algorithms to Try Out« on the nationwide Digitaltag.


Fraunhofer ITWM, DVM/SF2M-Workshop / 22. – 23.6.2022

BigData Approaches for Fatigue Assessment

ITWM expert Michael Burger will give a presentation on Data Based Estimation of Vehicle Loads Quantities at this workshop.

The workshop is dedicated to promoting the exchange between French and German experts in the field of structural longevity.

Fair / 21. – 23.06.2022

E-World energy&water

E-world energy & water is the industry meeting place for the European energy industry. The topics of E-world 2022 are innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future - from generation, transport and storage to trading, efficiency and green technologies.

Fair / 21. – 23.06.2022

embedded world Conference 2022

Whether it's the safety of electronic systems, distributed intelligence, the Internet of Things or e-mobility and energy efficiency - the embedded world trade fair lets you experience the whole world of embedded systems.


Fair / 21.06. – 24.06.2022

TechTextil 2022

At TechTextil 2022 in Frankfurt am Main, international exhibitors will present the entire spectrum of technical textiles, functional apparel textiles and textile technologies. This year, our experts will again be on site with a wide range of offers on modeling, simulation and optimization of technical textiles.


Virtual Conference / 21.06.2022

»Fahrzeug Umwelt Mensch«

The Offene Digitalisierungsallianz Pfalz invites all interested parties to the virtual conference around the development of digital solutions in the field of interaction between vehicle, environment and human. Experts from the TU Kaiserslautern as well as from the Department of Mathematics for Vehicle Development at Fraunhofer ITWM contribute to the program with exciting insights into research.

Exclusive Conversation / 15.06.2022

Book a Scientist

If you don't ask, you stay stupid - as Sesame Street already knew. »Book a Scientist« gives you the chance to spend 25 minutes exclusively and in private with an expert from the Leibniz Association and ask everything you've always wanted to know about your favorite topic.

Dr. Jens Schlimbach from  Leibniz-Institut für Verbundwerkstoffe will be on hand to talk about »Additive Manufacturing with Composite Materials«.


Hybrid Symposium / 15.06.2022

Symposium »Handbook Digital Farming - Digital Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture«

On the occasion of the publication of the Springer book »Handbook Digital Farming - Digital Transformation for Sustainable Agriculture«, Fraunhofer IESE is hosting a half-day hybrid symposium with presentations by the authors.



Online event / 13.6.2022

Integrata Akademie Public

The Integrata Foundation is organizing a series of online lectures with experts from inside and outside the foundation in order to talk about current developments in artificial intelligence and related issues. ITWM Institute Director Prof. Dr. Anita Schöbel and Dr. Henrike Stepahni will give a presentation.


Oslo, Kongress / 5.6. – 9.6.2022

Eccomas Kongress 2022

The main objective of the regular congress is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in scientific computing in engineering.

Fair / 30.05 – 02.06.2022

Hannover Messe 2022

From Kaiserslautern's research environment, the TU Kaiserslautern and the Hochschule Kaiserslautern, the start-up network IDEENWALD, the DFKI, and the Fraunhofer IESE will present themselves at the Hannover Messe.



Conference / 29.5.2022 – 2.6.2022

ISC High Performance 2022

The ISC High Performance is the largest community meeting in Europe for High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Data Analytics. Some of our experts will also be there and contribute to the program with an exhibition booth (booth J908). 



Workshop / Kaiserslautern / 31.05. – 01.06.2022

10th International Workshop on Terahertz Technology and Applications

In 2022, the Terahertz Workshop of Fraunhofer ITWM will again offer everyone the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of terahertz technology. 2022 it will take place for the 10th time.


digital fair / 19.5.2022

Fraunhofer Career Fair@Home

Entry and development opportunities as well as job offers at Fraunhofer


Udine, Italien, Conference / 18.5. – 19.5.2022


Attendees at the conference will gain insight into how key players in the global automotive industry are currently using simulation and driving simulators to accelerate new vehicle development. 


17.05.2022 / Mainz

9. Medtech Rhineland-Palatinate

online / 16.5.2022

Jour Fixe of CU West

Topic: »More efficiency through automation, digital twins and machine learning?« Discussion led by: Dr. Miro Duhovic, Leibniz Institute for Composite Materials


Fair / 11. – 13.5.2022

ees Europe

The ees Europe is the exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems on the continent. Under the motto »Innovating energy storage«, the annual event brings together manufacturers, dealers, project developers, system integrators, professional users and suppliers.

08.-09.03.2022/ Kaiserslautern

7th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium Kaiserslautern

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