Presence seminar  /  24. Juni 2024  -  01. Juli 2024, 9:00 h – 17:00 h

Presenting Research Results

What's it About?

The aim of the workshop is to improve the ability to give presentations of research results at conferences (in English). The necessary communication skills are learned and practiced. 



Input Day 1 

  • Designing a »message-based« presentation 
  • Designing the beginning of a presentation effectively 
  • Communication and rhetoric techniques 
  • Useful phrases / structuring and connecting elements 
  • Dealing with (difficult) questions in the discussion round (Q&A) 

Practical event Day 2 
The simulation of a conference: Each participant gives a short presentation, leads a discussion 
and receives detailed feedback from the other participants and the trainer. 
The participants have the opportunity to film themselves with their cell phones.