Online Seminar  /  16. Oktober 2023, 09:00 h – 13:00 h

Professional Communication in and Between Teams: Giving and Taking Feedback

What's it About?

Working autonomously in teams requires a high level of professionalism in communicating with team colleagues. Understandably, those involved are required to deal with each other in an open and at the same time appreciative manner and to clarify difficult situations autonomously. This requires knowledge and skills to clarify different points of view and to be able to formulate them in an acceptable way.

After this online seminar, you will know how to formulate your perceptions and perspectives as constructive feedback in a comprehensible and at the same time appreciative manner and how to clarify the views of interlocutors in a benevolent manner.

To ensure the sustainability of the trainings, the participants have the possibility to get support by phone or e-mail even after the training.