Fort- und Weiterbildung  /  4.7.2019  -  5.7.2019, 09.00 bis 17.00 Uhr

Seminar »Effective Visual Communication for Scientists«

When reading journal papers, grant proposals, posters or slides, people look at figures first. If created properly, figures are the most effective way to present complex ideas and results. This comprehensive workshop provides the necessary understanding and skills to improve the presentation and clarity of researchers’ visual communication.


  • Learn which graphic design principles are most useful for communicating science.
  • Use these principles to draw graphical abstracts for your own research communication.
  • Learn to create clear, true, and meaningful data visualizations.
  • Learn to create visually consistent journal papers and project proposals.
  • Learn to create a conference poster that is good looking and easy to understand.
  • Learn to amplify your message when presenting with slides.