Industry 4.0 Roadshow »BaSys 4.0 on Tour«  /  February 19, 2019  -  April 02, 2019

We will make Industrie 4.0 easy in your area as well!

Visit us on our Industrie 4.0 Roadshow “BaSys 4.0 on Tour”

Making Industrie 4.0 easy? As a small or medium-sized manufacturing enterprise, you are probably wondering how to do this. We will come to your area and tell you. In our workshops, you will learn how to digitalize your production with our Industrie 4.0 open-source middleware BaSys 4.0 and how to realize service-based manufacturing, administrative asset shells, as well as dashboards. We will present BaSys 4.0 use cases, the BaSys 4.0 Software Development Kit (SDK), and our open-source components. After that, there will be plenty of time to create a detailed project draft for your company and to discuss the capabilities of the BaSys 4.0 SDK with our experts.

About BaSys 4.0 [only in German]

BaSys 4.0 is the Industrie 4.0 open-source middleware that has been funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2016. In the project BaSys 4.0, we are collaborating with 14 partners from research and industry to realize central concepts and standards of the Industrie 4.0 Platform.

Funding opportunity

The BMBF provides funding for projects in which concrete automation problems are to be solved with the help of the BaSys 4.0 middleware. Apply for a satellite project for Industrie 4.0 and benefit from our network of experts. 

Richtlinie zur Förderung von Forschungsvorhaben für die Weiterentwicklung des Softwaresystems BaSys 4.0 in der Anwendung. [only in German]