Symposium  /  March 13, 2018  -  March 15, 2018

5th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium

The automated and autonomous driving and working is not only a current research topic, but also partially used in new products of the commercial vehicle industry. From this step, the industry expects above all a higher quality, more efficient workfl ows, an increase in the reliability and safety of the systems while simultaneously reducing costs.

The 5th International Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium addresses different aspects of commercial vehicle development and production. With regard to energy and resource effi ciency, the topic of innovative drives with alternative fuels will be focused on. Another challenge is safety, reliability and life expectancy, which is becoming more and more relevant as part of automation. Not only is the improvement of the system components important for innovative commercial vehicles, but also new concepts for their operation must be found in order to increase productivity. Remote diagnostics or cloud solutions are also trends which must be pursued more intensively in the commercial vehicle sector. In order to improve the development and production process, it is important to use more and more powerful simulation tools and methods.


  • Commercial Vehicle Alliance (CVA)
  • Zentrum für Nutzfahrzeugtechnologie (ZNT)
  • TU Kaiserslautern
  • Innovationscluster Digitale Nutzfahrzeugtechnologie
  • (DNT) der Fraunhofer-Institute IESE und ITWM
  • Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest (CVC)